APG Meets Spartan Racing!

In April the Alternative Peer Group put on the first ever Spartan DEKA at Camp Rhino. This program was originally built for the students at


There Is No Hero In Heroin Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending the devastation substance use disorder causes to families. They envision a

Grief and Sobriety

Grief and Sobriety

This month my grandmother passed away. While it has been hard, it has also taught me a great deal about grief. This is the first

Gratitude and Apologies

Gratitude and Apologies

As this holiday season rolls around, so do the reminders of the importance of gratitude. People are inundated by the social media posts with pictures

Chapter 1

Starting this upcoming year the TINHIH blog will be doing something new. Occasionally, in lieu of an article, a chapter of a first person narrative

There is No Wall

You’ve probably done it. I’ve done it. The majority of human beings who have their basic needs met have done it. We see someone homeless

Humanity versus a Disease

Below is a dedication to both people suffering with addiction, and people who have loved ones suffering with addiction. It is also a reframe of